Sustainability in Design - Amazonian Deforestation with MidAi
Here's a sample from this week's competition with Fashion AI & Ecoolska - Amazonian Couture, bringing awareness to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

My generative designs this week feature models that are all native to South America, most of whom are from tribes like the Yanomami - who are negatively impacted by the deforestation and pollution of the Amazon rainforest.

All materials are sustainably sourced and inspired by the ecosystem they are highlighting. Featuring inspired jewelry and designs, our show takes place at an abandoned logging facility in Peru...
In conjunction with Midjourney & Stable Diffusion, Ariadne Designs presents these works as Amazonian Couture - an experiment with AI & sustainable design. 
Unique and exploratory, all designs are based on previous digital artworks and traditional pieces by Ariadne. 
No templates, other artist or designer references were utilizing in creating these new concepts.

All rights reserved.

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