Have you taken a dive into Midjourney V5.2 yet?
Whether you have or haven't had a chance to spend time with the newest release, I wanted to put together a guide to highlight some of the new features that the brilliant developers at Midjourney have gifted us with ahead of the weekend.

Here's a very small peek at what this newest version can do in terms of revisiting old ideas and playing with all of the new variation features available including:

- Improved Aesthetics & Higher Variation Output
- Creating both Strong & Subtle Variations of any image
- Zooming out 1.5 or 2 times from your original image's viewpoint
- Shortening your prompts (and getting insight into how MJ gives weight to each part of your prompt)
- Blending & Mixed Image + word prompting in V5.2

What's been your favorite new feature from this release?

Without further ado, here's our 1-minute V5.2 Variations Walkthrough with
"Absinthe" - an unfinished project from V5.1
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